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Pole Classes

Pole Dance and Fitness Rapid City
Polerina Studio Rapid City SD

Polerina Studio offers group and private pole dancing classes from Beginner through to Advanced. All our classes are kept small for exclusive personalized instruction. Classes include a range of pole moves and combinations, dance and floor movement combined into a sexy and fun choreographed routine.

Whether your main goals are fitness, performance, fun, or a little bit of everything, we will help you transform from Beginner Polerina to accomplished Pole Athlete.

We invite you to come dance with us, experience the transformation that can come from within, harness your confidence, your power and allow yourself to be YOU.

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Pole dance and Fitness Rapid City

NEW Schedule is OUT! Reserve spot and register for Classes TODAY!

1s Trial Class                               $15

Drop In Pole Class                     $25

Please, call the studio at 605-209-3770 to confirm availability as class size is limited.

Enroll in more than one class and SAVE! We offer a 15-50% off discount to all students enrolling in multiple classes within the same month.

1 class per week                          $90 per month
2 classes per week                    $155 per month
3 classes per week                    $180 per month
4 classes per week                    $225 per month

Polerina Studio Policies:

  • We suggest to wear fitted shorts and a tank top as skin contact is needed to keep a grip on the pole. Special pole wear is available for purchase at the studio. 

  • Additional accessories and grip aid are available for purchase at the studio.

  • Make sure you don’t apply any lotion the day of your party to ensure a good grip on the pole.

  • Remove any jewelry prior to the start of your class.  Not only can it cause injury to you, but you are responsible for any damage that you cause.

  • Please, make sure to wipe off your pole (alcohol ONLY) and your yoga mat after class.

  • Free make up classes are available although limited. Please, contact studio management regarding class availability.

  • Be positive! No negative self talk! You are stronger than you think!

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Intro to Pole

Intro to Pole is a start of your pole journey. This class is designed for people who have never touched the pole before. This is 12-weeks course which covers all essential moves, basic spins, transitions and floor work. You will learn correct grip techniques and some basic moves to start building your strength and help you feel confident lifting yourself off the floor and moving around the pole. At the end of the course students will be able perform simple moves and combinations. All while having fun! No experience needed. This class is for all ability levels. 

Tuition: Class is billed monthly - $90 per month. Full Course Price is $270

Pole Level 1

Beginner Pole

Once you’ve completed an Intro Course you are now ready to build on the basic moves you’ve learnt with some more complex moves, spins and combinations. Includes a fun choreographed routine.

Tuition: $90 per month

Pole Level 2

Intermediate Pole

By now you are feeling confident with basic inverting and pole climb. Continue to build on core invert elements, worked into a choreographed routine. By this stage you are a hooked pole-addict! We will teach you how to put your moves into more challenging dance combinations and a choreographed routine.

Please, contact us for prerequisites.

Tuition: $90 per month

Pole Level 3

Advanced Pole

Now you’re getting serious! Get ready to learn some of the more complex pole moves. You must be confident in inside and outside leg hangs on both sides and aerial inverts to progress into this course.

Please, contact us for prerequisites.

Tuition: $90 per month

Pole Heels Flow

Just want to dance without the tricks? Well this is the class for you! Get ready to learn a variety of floor movement, including a range of floor tricks and flows. All put together into a challenging and empowering choreographed routine.

We recommend that you have previously completed an Intro to Pole course. Knee pads are required. Platform High Heel are recommended but not required.

Must complete Intro to Pole prior to joining heels class.

Tuition: $90 per month

Pole Fit

Pole fitness is very popular class and has grown in the fitness industry to be one of the best forms of exercise. It's a full body workout incorporating pilates, dance, gymnastics, strength and conditioning training. This dynamic workout fosters self-expression, builds confidence, and provides a unique and fun way to stay fit.

No experience needed. This is a mixed level class.

Tuition: $90 per month

Hip-Hop Dance

Everybody’s got to start somewhere. Lose yourself in the fun of our hip hop dance routines. Learn cool moves, feel confident, stay fit and healthy! You will find that Hip Hop Classes won't only make you sweat, but will also help you look cool on the dance floor. The right level of challenges for beginner hip hop dance classes. Work it like never before and leave feeling like Beyoncé's backup dancers.

Attire: Shirt/Tank Top, Leggings/ Sweat Pants, sneakers shoes

Tuition: $60 per month 

Drop In: $18

Private Pole Lesson

Get that one on one time with the instructor of your choice.

Private One-on-One Class:

$60 per person per hour

Semi-Private Class

(2 people):

$45 per person per hour
Small Group Private Class (3 to 5 people):

$30 per person per hour

3 Private Lessons Package:

$150 per person

If you would like to book a private lesson, please contact the studio at 605-209-3770 to confirm your booking.

Private Pole Parties

Polerina Studio also offers regular workshops, showcase performances, and private parties:

Any reason - we do it ALL!

Join us at Polerina Studio – you are guaranteed fun you’ll never forget. Let's get loose and make some memories:)

We have many packages to choose from.

Click the button below to learn more!

Polerina Studio Dance Fitness Party
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