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Meet our Live It Up team!

Coach Breawna - Live It Up Studio

Breawna Ventura

Founder and Owner, Studio Director, Coach,

Pro Aerialist

Breawna is the owner of Live It Up Studio which opened up in a new location at Rushmore Mall in 2018. Breawna has coached in the Black Hills for over 20 years. Her cirque specialties include aerial silks, chains, sling, hoop, trapeze, fire dancing, poi, duo performances, hula hoop and handstands. She has trained in circus schools across the US in Denver, Chicago, Orlando and most recently Missoula. Also Breawna is a proud owner and director of Zirkiss Cirque Production and Awna Artography. Breawna would love to bring her unique experience in training and creative performance to your student! 

Coach Anna - Live It Up Studio

Anna Starenkova

Studio Manager, Certified Aerial Coach, Pole Instructor, Pro Aerialist

Coach Anna has been an aerialist, competitive rhythmic gymnast and performer with the ZirKiss Cirque Production. Her cirque specialties include aerial silks, aerial rope, and lyra/hoop, flying pole. She also enjoys performing poi flow, contortion, fire dancing and dance. Anna has joined Live It Up Team in 2018 and has been teaching aerial arts ever since. Recognizing the importance of passing on her expertise, she has dedicated herself to training the next generation of aerialists. Her coaching style is characterized by a combination of rigorous training methodologies and a nurturing approach that fosters creativity and self-expression.

Anna is originally from Ukraine and speaks three languages.

She has graduated from Black Sea State University in Ukraine with a BA in Linguistics majoring in Translation and Interpreting. 

Coach Kelly- Live It Up Studio

          Kelly Antes

Aerial Coach, Pro Aerialist

Coach Kelly has been an aerial coach and instructor for 4 years. She is a leading instructor of Tiny Homeschool Revolution Program and enjoys working with our youngest students. She has been certified as Child Care Professional by the state of  South Dakota and has been working with the children under the age of 5 for over 6 years. Her cirque specialties are aerial hammock and chains. One of her unique skills is fire breathing and fire stunts.

Coach Marilyn - Live It Up Studio

Marilyn Neubert

Aerial Instructor, Dance and Pole Instructor,

Pro Aerialist

Coach Marilyn started dancing when she fell in love with her first ballet class. Besides the technical training, she was always being goofy pretending the world is her stage. She joined the Hotshots Dance Team where she gained extensive performance experience and later became their main instructor/choreographer.  By college, Marilyn was performing for the Rush Hockey Team as a Rushette Cheerleader and decided to start taking aerial silks classes.

Since 2018, Marilyn has been an aerial silks and pole fitness instructor at Live It Up Studio. Teaching these art forms to others is one of her main passions in life and feels grateful to have the opportunity to do so.  Her cirque skills include aerial silks, hammock, trapeze, lyra and fire dancing. Contortion performance is one of her specialties!

Coach Dionne - Live It Up Studio

Dionne Walters

Pole Instructor

Dionne Walters is  a proud mother of three and a pole instructor at Polerina Studio. She has a degree in Professional Accountancy from BHSU. Over the years she has been a basketball coach for almost 10 years from K-5th grade for kid’s teams and one year volleyball coach.

Dionne has started her pole journey  a couple years ago. Previously she had been a drill team choreographer in high school and wanted something to do with dancing, so she signed up for her first pole class at age of 43.

Nothing has compared to Pole Sport.  It gave her confidence, strength, both physical and mental.

"Take the leap, come join me. I know the obstacles my own body had and I know how to break it down for you, even if you have no dance experience. I would love to help you build your confidence, strength and find a new you!" -  Dionne Walters


Alyssa Tanner

Aerial Instructor, Pro Aerialist

Alyssa's love for storytelling has been a driving force throughout her artistic journey. Her passion for weaving narratives and emotions into her performances has set her apart as a truly unique aerialist. Her debut production, "Cirque Dream Story," (2020) showcased her innate ability to transport audiences into the enchanting worlds she creates with every graceful movement.  Since then she has performed in Zirkiss Circus, Holloween Hill Show, Parade of Lights, and the Wild West Cirque Show.


Alyssa's dedication and skill have earned her recognition as a 2-time gold medalist in the Aerial Cup Competition. Her performances are not just displays of physical strength but also windows into the intricate stories she shares with her audience.


Beyond her performances, Alyssa is a versatile entrepreneur. She is the proud owner of "Caricatures By Alyssa," where she channels her artistic talents into creating funny caricatures that bring joy and laughter to her clients across the USA. 


Tessa Kauffman

Aerial Instructor, Pro Aerialist

Tessa is an aerial instructor who brings a unique blend of talents to her aerial arts journey. With a thriving career as a dog groomer, her transition into the world of aerial arts is a testament to her boundless passion for movement and expression. Boasting over two decades of dance experience, she has an impressive background in modern dance, jazz, tap, and ballet, providing her with the foundational grace and discipline that shines through in her aerial performances. Tessa’s dedication to the world of dance led her to attain an Associate of Arts in Dance. Her transition into aerial instruction was seamless, as she combined her dance prowess with her newfound aerial skills. As an aerialist, she specializes in various disciplines, including lyra, trapeze, and duo trapeze. Her ability to fuse her dance background with the captivating world of aerial arts creates a unique and mesmerizing experience for her students, inspiring them to reach new heights both figuratively and literally.

Trinity - Live It Up Studio

Trinity Conrad

 Pro Aerialist

Trinity has trained with Black Hills Aerial for over decade. As member of the Pro Team she also assists with the program in many ways. Trinity works as our CFO to keep our business progressing and also  to manages the area Pro team performance and bookings.

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