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Aerial Studio Rules and Policies

We love that you have chosen to be trained at Live It Up Studio. With this amazing cirque sport comes risks that we want to make sure you are aware of and the student is aware of to keep the upmost safety and concern while entering into this aerial art form. Please read the below waiver and sign off so that we can get your student up and flying!

1. Absolutely no students or instructors are allowed in aerial studio on equipment, at times outside allotted aerial class times. Aerial class and open gym times are posted on website and Facebook page of Live It Up . (If you wish to reserve the studio for a practice please message Anna or Breawna.)

2. Instructors and students are asked not to practice aerial dance without a partner or additional instructor. (If you would like private class time with an instructor this can be set up for you.)

3. Friends or family members are not permitted in the aerial space during practice. Viewing window is provided for those that wish to view practice. Only those who have signed said waiver can be in aerial studio during instruction or open gym.

4. Always be on time to class and follow up with proper warm up and stretching.

5. No zippers, buttons, or other things that could harm fabric or metal are allowed in class.

6. Wear proper aerial attire: fitted leggings, fitted shirt (sleeved preferred), no jewelry including rings, earrings or necklaces. (piercings should be covered with tape).

7. No cell phones during class time. Please put them on silent. Photos are allowed are last 10 min of class.

8. Please no talking or discussion during instruction. Listen carefully as to perform tricks in a safe manner.

9. All tricks should not be practiced above one climb (2 feet in the air) until mastered. At that time take trick higher but not so high that an instructor cannot help you out of a knot. This does happen to even the most seasoned performer and is best always to practice low unless it is a drop that an instructor is helping you through.

10. Always use mats. Failure to do so will have you removed from the class as it is a hazard to your health to train without proper safety precautions. We will post the rules as well in the Aerial Studio for your safety.

11.  Only tricks taught in class, are allowed to be practiced and or performed. When coach approves technique of routine or individual trick, at that time it may be performed in front of an audience.

12. Until you master tricks that have been taught you in perfect form we ask that you do not move on to harder level or newer tricks. Aerial dance is about grace and technique while keeping the upmost safety during learning. If you move through too fast you may be asked to go back to the basics and clean your technique.

13. If student wishes to try a new trick or sequence that has not been instructed yet or that may they have seen another aerialist perform this trick, they must first discuss with an instructor to deem if trick is within the student’s ability level.

14. Please keep aerial studio free from any drinks that are not H20. Please clean studio when finished free of garbage or forgotten clothing or bags.

15. Be careful when pulling out mats and putting them away. Only pull on the ribbon handle to put away.

16. Mats should not be purposely fallen on or jumped on. This caused wear and tear and puts strain on the stitching.  Of course if you fall out of a hold that is what they are there for but jumping on them while piled is not allowed.

17. Do not swing on the silks they are for climbing and tricks only.

18. Do not use any other equipment in room. Only use what had been designated for that class. Hoops, trapeze, wings, sticky spray, boxing equipment, yoga mats, aerial net, and aerial rope are of limits unless instructor has given permission to utilize.

19. We ask that you follow these guidelines to keep the studio and your cirque experience at the highest safety level possible while maintaining quality equipment.

20. Additional Covid-19 Protocol and Rules find Here.

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