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Live It Up Studio invites you to try fitness and activities that are fun!
A class that becomes your passion! Learn to FLY! Be the best you!
Be your own kind of AMAZING with Live It UP Studio!

Aerial Dance Classes

We welcome you to discover the exciting world of Aerial Dance at Live It Up Studio!

Run away and join the circus....JOIN US for the most UNIQUE and FUN summer camp in Black Hills where youth campers will learn aerial and cirque arts. Your children will jump for joy when they learn you've signed them up for Aerial & Cirque SUMMMER CAMP.  

Aerial Camp at Live It Up Studio is where your children create wonderful memories, make new friends and experience a wide variety of circus art! Campers at any skill levels are welcome! 

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Aerial Fit and Flex is a fusion of aerial hammock and yoga techniques. Join us for an amazing fitness experience. This class offers a full-body workout that focuses on increasing strength and flexibility while using Yoga, Pilates, and Aerial Hammock techniques. Here students get to experience and antigravity through inversions and aerial flow.

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Polerina Studio offers group pole dancing and fitness classes from Beginner through to Advanced. Whether your main goals are fitness, performance, fun, or a little bit of everything, we will help you transform from Beginner Polerina to accomplished Pole Athlete.

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