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Youth Aerial Classes

Aerial Silks Kids
Live It Up Stduio - Rapid City

WELCOME! Look through available class listings and select the one you would like to join. After you register as a member you will have a login for the Member Portal that will allow you to add classes, add/change personal info, and also pay for class fees. 

Aerial Silks Youth


Register today to save up on Fall Semester!

Early Bird Registration opens July 15th.

Early Bird pricing available through August 10th.

Regular Pricing $291 
Early Bird Pricing - $265

Intro to Aerial Silks

Want to start your aerial journey?! This is a class for you! No experience needed. This prerequisite gives the student the basics of aerial such as foot locks, basic climb, silks entry, and basic tricks. When your student is ready and the instructor has determined that they can move up, you, at that time, can choose one of our other weekly Aerial 1 classes.  

Ages: 7-17

Tuition: $97 per month or $291 per semester. Late enrollment is available.

Aerial Silks Level 1

Beginner Silks

This is a class for anyone who is interested in learning the basic level 1 skills of aerial silks and has completed Intro to Aerial Silks. Students will learn a variety of beginner skills and tricks, flips, combos, and sequences. 

Ages: 7-17

Tuition: $97 per month or $291 per semester

(3 Months).

Aerial Silks Level 2

Intermediate Silks

 You will learn to defy gravity as you climb, flip, wrap and drop in silk fabric. This is a class for anyone who is interested in learning the intermediate skills of aerial silks and has successfully completed Intro and Level 1. Students will work more extensively on combinations and choreography.

Ages: 10-17

Tuition: $97 per month or $291 per semester

(3 Months).

Aerial Silks Level 3 & 4

Advanced Silks

Ready to take your aerial skills to a next level?! Aerial Silks 3 &4 Class is the class for the most advanced students. The students will learn more advanced combinations and choreography as well as act creation. Must complete Level 2.

Ages: 10-17

Tuition: $97 per month or $291 per semester

(3 Months).

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots Aerial Program is the 45 minute class for little ones.
This fun class is focused on interaction, strength, and movement development. It's a great combination of dancing, gymnastics, and aerial and circus arts.

Ages: 3-6

Tuition: $75 per month

Aerial Sling 

Aerial Sling (also called Hammock) is the same material as Aerial Silks, but rigged from a single point with a loop at the bottom. This is the same apparatus we use in Aerial Yoga classes, but in Aerial Sling classes the loop is set higher from the ground. In Aerial Sling classes you will learn various ways to mount and dismount the apparatus, how to invert and support yourself on the fabric, and as you progress, you’ll learn dynamic moves, dramatic drops, dives, and spinning sequences.

Ages: 7 and up 

Tuition: $97 per month or $291 per semester.

Aerial Lyra

Lyra, also called Hoop, is a steel ring hung vertically by one or two ropes. This class is focused on Beginner skills. In this class, you will learn basics and proper techniques, as well as poses and moves in and on lower level of the hoop. As you become more proficient, you will learn to spin the apparatus as you execute skills and poses.

Ages: 7 and up

Tuition: $97 per month or $291 per semester.

Aerial Trapeze

Aerial Trapeze Class is offered with mixed groups, meaning that all levels of experience and proficiency are welcome to join. 
In this class, you will learn the original form of circus arts: Trapeze Bar.
The static trapeze is a stationary bar used for a variety of seated, standing, balancing and hanging poses, and transitions. The static trapeze has little swing to it, so the student uses their own body to create momentum for more dynamic skills. 

Ages: 7 and up 

Tuition: $291 per semester.

Aerial Hammock/Sling - Kids Classes - Live It Up Studio, Rapid City, SD
Aerial Hoop lyra Rapid city
Aerial Trapeze - Kids Classes - Live It Up Studio, SD

Open Gym

Summer Aerial Class Session includes 1 hour of open gym a week. Times Available:

Monday at 5pm

Monday at 6pm

Wednesday at 5pm

Wednesday at 6pm

Thursday at 6pm

Drop In Rate: $15

Unlimited Monthly Membership: $35

Flow Arts

Flow Arts is a mesmerizing fusion of movement, creativity, and self-expression that encompasses a wide range of disciplines such as poi spinning, fans, hula hoop, ribbon dancing, staff, juggling, and more.
Whether you are a seasoned flow artist looking to refine your skills or a curious beginner eager to dive into this enchanting art form.

Ages:  10 and up

Tuition: $60 per month

No experience needed.

Youth Zirkiss Team 

This upper-level circus program is an AUDITION ONLY class. Students also must be enrolled and continue to be enrolled in one of the Aerial classes.

If your student is interested in scheduling an audition please email

This performance team trains weekly in addition to other classes each member takes.  Students will learn multiple Aerial Apparatuses with a variety of Cirque Skills such as Hand Balancing, Juggling, Dance, Stilt Walking, Theatre and more!

Team members get an opportunity to travel and perform in area performances.

Ages: 10 to 17

Private Lesson

Get that one on one time with the instructor of your choice.

Private One-on-One Class:

$70 per person per hour

Semi-Private Class

(2 people):

$100 per hour

3 Private Lessons Package:

$180 per person

If you would like to book a private lesson, please contact the studio at 605-209-3770 to confirm your booking.

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