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Studio Safety Protocol

Please make sure you and your child know and understand the following rules:

1. Require social distancing. A minimum 10-foot space between students. We are using both studios to give as much space between students as possible. Absolutely NO physical contact between students such as greetings/hugging/high five, spotting or assisting as well as partner work allowed at this time.

2. Limited number of students. Only 8 students are allowed in studio per practice. Each student is required to wipe down the aerial area before and after as an added precaution even though it has already been disinfected. We are currently working on schedule and attending options. 

3. Parents allowed only at drop off but not allowed in studio to reduce risk. All the students are required to wear a mask to enter the mall building and the studio.

4. All students and coaches will be scanned upon entry into the studio as well as required to use hand sanitizer.

5. Each student is allowed to use only ONE assigned silk or apparatus. Students are NOT allowed to switch the silks/apparatuses during practice. Students MUST stay within their assigned areas. Under any circumstances do NOT go into other students' areas.

6. Each coach is required to fill in the Student Attendance Sheet listing assigned apparatuses to students.

7. All aerial students are required to use mats during the practice.

8. Please make sure to bring a separate water bottle, extra hand sanitizer or extra yoga mat or anything of your own that you would like to use during your class.

9. Students are not allowed to access the speaker but can access our Bluetooth to play the songs that they wish to during practice. Please ask a coach:)

10. Please, make sure to use the restroom prior to class and avoid using public restrooms.

We are excited for a new season of Aerial and Fitness. But once again it's very important to follow these rules and requirements as we are trying to create and provide as the cleanest and safest environment for our students with the minimum risk for their health and well-being.

Please feel free to contact with any questions or concerns.

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