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Aerial  Silks Level 3

Aerial Silks Level 3

For this Aerial 3 class you must have completed Aerial 1 and 2 class or have instructors approval to register. We encourage our Aerial 3 Silks Class students to take more than one class a week and or audition for the Zirkiss Pro Class. The multiple class discount is listed in class registration link.


Aerial Silks 3 class is an intermediate to advanced challenging aerial class. This is a class for anyone who is interested in learning the advanced skills of aerial silks as well as combinations and choreography. We also work on hand balancing, flexibility and strength training. All ages. 


The tuition is $90 per month. Sept through May is billed in three month sessions. We also offer a summer session as well. Each  aerial class has a one time equipment fee of $25.
Most students participate fpr the full school year and perform in the May Studio Recitale. The students will also have a chance to participate in the Holiday Showcase. This is a very exciting time for the students to be able to showcase their talents. More info will be distributed for each show. 

  • Currently classes are offered:

    Tuesday at 4:00 pm

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