Homeschool Revolution


New Homeschool Creative Arts Center, located at Live It Up Studio in the Rushmore Mall. Homeschool Revolution for ages 3-6 and 7-18 is an awesome program where your students can learn, meet new friends and acquire lifelong skills such as Art, Music, Dance, Boxing, Tumbling, Foreign Language, Circus Arts and so much more! This full day program runs 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and is attended once per week. We do have some students who attend twice per week. This program runs by semester but you can join at any time. Please contact our studio at 605-209-3770 to schedule a studio tour. You can also register here to reserve your place in the program.


Our Class Schedule

This is a typical day at Homeschool Revolution:

• 9:00 am: Drop Off/Settle In/Yoga.
• 9:30 am: The Class will divide into a respective classroom: Beginning Ballet Technique, Beginning Boxing Technique, Beginning Aerial Technique. If interest arises, we may have a more advanced Dance Class offered as well.
• 10:30 am: Music Class. The class will be divided into 30 minute segments, 1-30 minute segment for Elementary and 1-30 minute segment for Middle School-Highschool Aged children. Possible Language Art Immersion offering during other 30 minutes.
• 11:30 am: Lunch time, children will need to bring a packed lunch.
•12:00 pm: Quiet Time/Meditation/Book Reading/Nap time for some children.
• 12:30 pm: Art Class . This will be led by a professional artist and instructor.

• 1:00 pm: Foreign Language Class where children will be introduced to foreign language through activities.
• 1:30 pm: Tumbling, Circus activity or Game 
• 2:30 pm: Gratitude Circle & Reflections, Clean up space.
• 3:00 pm: Parent Pick up time.